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Reliable and Trusted Computer Repair Services in Delaware Since 2017

Bella Vita Technologies was established in Bethany Beach, Delaware in May, 2017. We believe that people should follow their dreams and do what they are good at. With over 20 years of experience in the field of computer repairs, wired and wireless networks, IT support, web design and security camera installations, Boris felt it was time to turn a passion into a full-time project. This is how Bella Vita Technologies was created.

Why Bella Vita Technologies? In Italian, “Bella Vita” means beautiful life. And this is exactly how we feel about everything that we do:

  • to enjoy the beauty of life in everything that we do;
  • to do what we do because we love doing it, not just to pay the bills;
  • to turn a passion into a profession;
  • to truly live The Dream.

A little fun fact: Another reason to choose Bella Vita Technologies is because it includes the initials of Boris and his wife Violeta.

Excellence has a name – Bella Vita Technologies.

We believe you have the right to receive the highest quality level of computer repair, IT support, security cameras, website design, digital marketing and SEO services available.

If you want the job done right, call Bella Vita Technologies today!

Our Leadership

Borislav Karadzhov

Owner and CEO

Boris started his journey into the Information Technology field in 2000 when he was 14 years old. Back in the day, computers were not as affordable as they are today and Boris was fascinated by the possibilities computers offer. He specialized in Information Technology throughout his high school years.

Boris spent most of the summer of 2001 learning and helping at a small computer repair shop in his hometown Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria. This is when he realized he truly enjoys solving hardware and software issues.

At the same time, he was saving for his own first computer. With some help from his mother, Boris was finally a proud owner of a 200 MHz Intel Pentium 1 computer… until it broke soon after. It was the perfect time to put the knowledge he gained at the computer repair shop in practice and the computer was fixed.

In the years to come Boris would become the go-to-person to repair the computers of his friends and family. As his knowledge continuously expanded, he started building websites, home and small office networks, and custom surveillance systems.

In 2017 Boris decided to turn his passion into a full-time profession and established Bella Vita Technologies.

Our Mission and Values

Our mission is to provide reliable computer support and services, IT support, website design and development, digital marketing and true SEO that deliver great results for small businesses and residential customers.

Quality and Integrity

We truly believe that the success of our customers is the foundation of our own success. We believe that doing the right thing in all circumstances, even when no one is watching us, is the way business should be done.


Bella Vita Technologies offers extented computer support and services. Whenever you need our assistance, let us know and we will do our best to accomodate as quickly as possible.


We will provide the best computer repair, IT support, website design and development, digital marketing and SEO, and security cameras solutions to suit your project, idea, and budget.

Why choose Bella Vita Technologies

Bella Vita!

As a small family owned and operated company, we can offer some great advantages over larger IT companies.

You will work with the owner. You will not have to go through the entire chain of supervisors of the supervisor; you will not have to wait for the next Level-2 or Level-3 technician to be available for your service call. That means faster decision-making to facilitate a faster response time and, ultimately – a faster solution to the problem.

You will get a more personalized service. You are not a customer number. When you call Bella Vita Technologies and say “Hey Boris, this is Steve calling”, we will actually know who Steve is as a customer. We also take pride in being able to put ourselves in your shoes; to look through your eyes and offer the best we have to accomplish it.

We also understand what being on a budget is. We can offer the best solution to fit the budget of your project.

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Our service area includes Bethany Beach DE, Middlesex Beach DE, South Bethany DE, York Beach DE, Ocean View DE, Millville DE, Fenwick Island DE, Selbyville DE, Frankford DE, Millsboro DE, Long Neck DE, Dewey Beach DE, Dagsboro DE, Rehoboth Beach DE, Lewes DE, Ocean City MD, Berlin MD, Ocean Pines MD, and more.

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