Computer Repair for Laptop and Desktop

Computer Repair for Laptop and Desktop Service Includes


Diagnose and troubleshoot issues with your laptop or desktop computer.


Depending on the nature of the issue, we may be able to offer remote support through The Bella Vita Club remote online assistance. An agent will create a secure connection to your computer and troubleshoot the issue right before your eyes.


We always aim to offer same-day on-site appointments or remote services.

Computer Repair and Help for Laptop and Desktop Computers

Need help with your laptop or desktop computer?

Bella Vita Technologies can help you resolve it! Call now if your laptop or desktop computer is working slow, makes weird noise, or your programs don’t open.

From failed hardware to non-working software, Bella Vita Technologies is your trusted IT partner.

A too slow computer that constantly freezes, and Internet cutting out can drive you crazy! Instead of throwing away your laptop or desktop computer, give us a call. We know how to repair your computer and make it work as fast as it was when you first bought it – or even make it faster.

If your laptop or desktop computer is working slower than usual, you could have old temporary files and corrupted registry files. Our team of computer experts will diagnose and resolve software issues and problems with your operating system, so that your computer regains its speed and performance.

Bella Vita Technologies also offers replacing laptop and desktop computer components, such as:


Motherboard replacement


RAM memory replacement and upgrades to add more memory


Hard drive replacement and upgrade to solid state hard drive


CD/DVD drive


Video graphics card replacement and upgrades (upgrades available for select desktop computers)


CPU processor


Power supply


Laptop screen replacement for select models


Laptop keyboard replacement for select models

Our team of computer experts has successfully completed thousands of laptop and desktop computer repairs. We will put all our skills to work to repair your computer as well.

Software issues with your computer

Never underestimate software issues. They are much more common than hardware issues. If a program doesn’t open or constantly crashes or freezes, that usually signals a software issue. Updates or lack of updates are very often the root cause of the computer issue. We highly recommend calling Bella Vita Technologies to make sure your computer is running healthy.

Computer constantly freezing or crashing

If your computer is constantly freezing or crashing, that’s a warning sign that something is wrong with it. Often the reason is malware that had been automatically installed on your laptop or desktop computer after visiting a malicious website. In case your computer is crashing, don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment! Bella Vita Technologies will diagnose the problem and remove the malware. We can also install software to help protect your computer from malware.

Computer overheating and beeping

Overheating and beeping are the most common signs that your computer cooling is not working properly or that your motherboard is likely to fail soon. If your computer is making weird noise such as scratching, clicking or buzzing, we recommend shutting it down and calling Bella Vita Technologies to schedule an on-site appointment.

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