Smart Lock Installation and Setup

Smart Lock Installation and Setup Service Description


Bella Vita Technologies will install and configure your Smart Lock Device and will help to download the remote-control App on up your devices (computer, phone or tablet). We will demonstrate how to lock and unlock the door remotely.


A functional wireless (wi-fi) network is required.

Service Procedure

Bella Vita Technologies will perform the following tasks:

  • Unbox the new smart lock (check the box and packaging for included accessories).
  • Verify the Customer has a working wireless network. If not, the service cannot proceed.
  • Verify wireless signal strength at the area before beginning installation.
  • Follow the manufacturers instructions and utilize included mounting hardware to install the smart lock.
  • Follow the manufacturers instructions to connect to the Customers wireless network.
  • Instruct Customer to download the remote-control app to the Customer’s phone, tablet, or computer, as requested.
  • Setup and register the remote-control app for the Customer.
  • Check for firmware and software updates and install as needed.
  • Verify the device is functioning through the control app. 
  • Demonstrate how to change the smart lock batteries and the basic functions to lock, unlock, and receive notifications.
  • Show the Customer how to enter a pin to lock/unlock their door (if applicable).
  • Clean up the service area.
  • Service complete.

Service Scope


  • Support for Windows 8, 10, 11, Android, iOS, and Mac OS.

  • Install and configure one (1) Smart Lock Device following recommended OEM process.

  • Download the remote-control app for Windows 8, 10, 11, Android, iOS, and Mac (up to 2 mobile devices) and assist with registering smart device account setup.

  • Validation of available network signal strength before installation.

  • Perform software and firmware updates, as needed, on the new device.

  • Demonstrate how to operate the device.


  • Support for legacy versions of Windows XP, Vista, and 7.

  • Support for Linux.

  • Home Wi-Fi setup (Add-on available at an additional fee).

  • Parts or accessories.

  • Structured electrical service – Bella Vita Technologies will connect to an existing power source but will not perform any electrical wiring.

  • Any type of cosmetic repairs (paint, door alignment, etc.).

Customer Responsibilities

  • An adult (18+) must always be present at the installation site.

  • Usernames and passwords.

  • Network names and passwords.

  • Make and model numbers.

  • All needed cables or accessories.

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